direct store delivery

Direct Store Delivery

Making OTIF the expectation and OSD a thing of the past.

An Advantage of Speed

Direct store delivery is the strategy to leverage when you need your products on store shelves faster, whether due to short shelf lives or high demand. We help you navigate around traditional distribution channels to speed up the delivery process.

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Streamlining Your Direct Store Delivery

Get this cost-effective strategy fine-tuned for your supply chain as we handle the logistical heavy lifting.

streamlining your direct store delivery
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quality and agility
Quality & Agility
Keep pace with demand, ensure the quality of perishable goods, and make speed your competitive advantage.
real time visibility
Real-Time Visibility
Tap into real-time shipment updates for better decision-making and customer satisfaction.
We plan and execute optimized delivery schedules and routes so your goods arrive exactly when they’re needed.
40+ years of experience
Expertise & Support
Our team manages the speed bumps of Direct Store Delivery, supporting your shipments around the clock.
A Custom Approach
More About Us

We combine tailored solutions, quality, efficiency, and exceptional service to give you a competitive advantage. It’s how Continental Logistics has been serving our customers since 1983.

Keeping Your Business Running Smoothly Beyond Intermodal

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With carrier vetting using RMIS, Carrier Assure, and Macropoint tracking, you get reliable capacity, quality service, and nationwide coverage.

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Avoid late arrivals, OS&D, chargebacks, and vendor misunderstandings, and leverage our experience delivering to major chains.

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As an extension of your team, we serve you by serving your customers and fostering quality relationships.

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experienced in your industry

Experienced in Your Industry

With our specialized knowledge in the following areas, we find better solutions to your challenges and help you meet your industry's demands.
food and beverage
Food and Beverage
alcohol storage
Alcohol Storage
personal care products
Personal Care Products
raw materials
Raw Materials and Ingredients
consumer packaged goods
Consumer Packaged
Goods (CPG)
custom services
Custom Services for Various Product Categories and Clients

Why Choose Us

A Reputation for Quality

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    "Continental is a thoroughbred in their business. They are outstanding!! They always come through, especially in times when a sense of urgency matters."

    Australian Snack Manufacturer
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    "They are a huge asset to our business, providing transportation services for some of our largest customers. They provide a service that we are not able to accomplish on our own."

    Dutch Chocolate Manufacturer
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    "The best, one of the top reliable transportation providers I use."

    American Vegetable Oil Manufacturer
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    Discover the Difference
    See how Continental Logistics can impact your logistics.