Improving your shipments’ turnaround time.

A Strategy of Efficiency

Minimizing warehouse dwell time is critical for speed and agility. Turn on a dime with cross-docking, enabling the faster movement of goods. We manage the logistics to ensure everything is coordinated for ultimate efficiency.

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Navigating the Ins and Outs of Cross-Docking

Tap into a streamlined and efficient way to move and manage your goods.

navigating cross-docking
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access to warehouses
Access to Warehouses
Increase your efficiency with cross-dock facilities to fit your needs, whether at our own warehouses or partner facilities.
Increase your flexibility to utilize different modes and optimize your shipments before they head to their final destination.
fsat turnarounds
Fast Turnarounds
Move your products from inbound to outbound fast and accelerate the time it takes to reach your customers.
custom solutions
Custom Solutions
Get help breaking down overweight containers, reworking shifted loads, or finding solutions to your other logistical challenges.
A Custom Approach
More About Us

We combine tailored solutions, quality, efficiency, and exceptional service to give you a competitive advantage. It’s how Continental Logistics has been serving our customers since 1983.

Keeping Your Business Running Smoothly Beyond Intermodal

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With carrier vetting using RMIS, Carrier Assure, and Macropoint tracking, you get reliable capacity, quality service, and nationwide coverage.

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Avoid late arrivals, OS&D, chargebacks, and vendor misunderstandings, and leverage our experience delivering to major chains.

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As an extension of your team, we serve you by serving your customers and fostering quality relationships.

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experienced in your industry

Experienced in Your Industry

With our specialized knowledge in the following areas, we find better solutions to your challenges and help you meet your industry's demands.
food and beverage
Food and Beverage
alcohol storage
Alcohol Storage
personal care products
Personal Care Products
raw materials
Raw Materials and Ingredients
consumer packaged goods
Consumer Packaged
Goods (CPG)
custom services
Custom Services for Various Product Categories and Clients

Why Choose Us

A Reputation for Quality

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    "Continental is a thoroughbred in their business. They are outstanding!! They always come through, especially in times when a sense of urgency matters."

    Australian Snack Manufacturer
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    "They are a huge asset to our business, providing transportation services for some of our largest customers. They provide a service that we are not able to accomplish on our own."

    Dutch Chocolate Manufacturer
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    "The best, one of the top reliable transportation providers I use."

    American Vegetable Oil Manufacturer
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    Discover the Difference
    See how Continental Logistics can impact your logistics.