What to Look for in a Container Drayage Services Company

September 26, 2022

What to Look for in a Container Drayage Services Company


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With the growth of maritime trade, the transport industry needs to adopt dynamic solutions for container drayage. Statista, "In 2020, about 1.85 billion metric tons of cargo were shipped globally, up from some 0.1 billion metric tons in 1980. Naturally, the global container fleet has grown in size as well. Between 1980 and 2020, the deadweight tonnage of container ships has grown from about 11 million metric tons to roughly 275 million metric tons.".

Drayage service offered by logistics companies is critical for a smooth supply chain process; that is what a drayage company does.  It is an essential feature of intermodal shipping. It sounds straightforward. But imagine the sheer volume of cargo at the ports and the process of clearing large containers efficiently and swiftly. Container drayage services become crucial for an effective drayage management company.

To mitigate the per diem charges incurred by shippers, third-party logistics (3PL) drayage companies need to be engaged.

What is a drayage company?

It is a company offering container drayage services that start from the origin point to the destination. Once people know a product is available, the initial excitement over the effect dies down if it is unavailable immediately. So, shippers and manufacturers must consider several factors while engaging a drayage management company.

Versatility and Ability to Scale to Meet Market Demands

Container drayage services is a voluminous business. Handling cargo of that magnitude demands a logistics company with an extensive network of carriers and drivers and customized delivery mechanisms. It is prudent to look for a drayage company that moves shipments quickly. On many occasions, container drayage needs proper warehousing. Companies that offer drayage services need a network of warehouses to store the drayage container safely. Combining a dynamic transportation management system (TMS) with state-of-the-art tracking is what a drayage company does.  A drayage company should offer solutions based on the shippers' needs. Services like translating and handling heavy or oversized equipment must be part of their drayage service.

Outstanding Customer Service and On-Demand Access

Customer service is the lifeblood of a drayage company. Customers are satisfied with drayage service when the delivery of products is in top condition and on time. Decades of experience in handling different types of freight are vital. Warehousing, intermodal transport, and a dedicated team of managers are critical factors to consider when choosing a container drayage service provider. A drayage company must offer total visibility to the container at all times. Visibility, or container tracking, ensures trust and transparency amongst all the layers of the supply chain. The supply of products can also be handled in real-time, thus reducing many supply-demand challenges. A real-time tracking system offers AI-powered algorithms to process massive data, accurately indicating when the shipment can be picked up. Most of the consignment comes from Asia, and a drayage company with better insight into their container drayage services offers freight forwarders and shippers more customer satisfaction.

Unrivaled Expertise With Multiple Transport Modes

Drayage service includes several other benefits too. Companies need an industry expert with expert knowledge and assets on all aspects of handling drayage container services and an assurance that their freight is dealt with throughout the process. US Customs and Border Protection observes that although the distance covered by container drayage services is relatively short, routing 11 million ocean freight in and out of the ports can be challenging. Seatrade Maritime News reports that congestion in the ports has only increased to 31.5% from last year's average of 30.8% in the initial months of the current year. Therefore, there is a crying need for a drayage company with years of collective experience and a fleet of different modes of transport that can handle such challenges. In addition to these challenges is the rising cost of fuel that has affected the prices of products. Partnering with an innovative drayage company offering container drayage services benefits shippers.

Competitive Pricing and Savings Available

Container drayage service can be expensive. Dimensions of the container, weight of the shipment, and packaging method all add to drayage service costs.  Intermodal transport combines the benefits of rail and truck transportation, creating pricing advantages and greater efficiencies. Looking for a drayage company with intermodal transport can significantly reduce costs associated with container drayage services.

A drayage company needs a vast network of carriers and warehouses. Following efficient inbound and outbound methods of drayage, transportation ensures significant cost savings and timely product delivery. Several artificial and natural factors affect transport. Visibility and real-time tracking of the shipment help shippers navigate these challenges smoothly.

Transloading and cross-docking services provided by drainage companies ensure a quick turnaround time.  3PL companies that offer comprehensive solutions to shippers from port to customer saves time and money for them. Shippers can thus pass on discounts to the customers. Container drayage services also include breaking down overloaded containers. Thus repackaging services are also included in a logistics company providing 360-degree drayage services.

Consistent Schedules and Reliable OTIF Delivery

The supply chain industry faces many challenges due to port congestion, the war in Ukraine, and rising fuel prices. The growing e-commerce industry also brings challenges along with its many conveniences. It has given rise to omnichannel customers and a new world of same-day deliveries and expedited shipping. Facilitating the smooth movement of consignment becomes efficient with a company specialized in drayage service.

OTIF, a supply chain metric, measures the suppliers ability to fulfill their delivery promises. A company having a high OTIF rating fosters customer satisfaction and trust. Therefore, partnering with a high-rated drayage company works to the shipper and customers advantage.  The last-mile delivery, although short, plays a vital role in container drayage services.

Working with a drayage service company that integrates all the tiers of the supply chain and retail and e-commerce carts through the electronic data exchange (EDI) process ensures that consistent schedules are maintained.

Customized Options and Services Provided

The best container drayage service provider will provide customized solutions for shippers, customers, and other needs specific to shipment. A top-tier drayage company such as Port Jersey Logistics provides their chassis and truck to handle the load from the ports. A container drayage services company must provide access to carriers nationwide with options in Less Than Truckload (LTL), Full Truckload (FTL), reefer, and dry van transportation.

A drayage service company needs visibility until the product is delivered to the final customer. Fast-moving products may require Direct Store Delivery (DSD). Drayage companies are providing DSD further in supply chain management, especially in delivering fast-moving consumables. With their expert knowledge of industry standards and compliance, a drayage service provider such as Port Jersey Logistics and its sister companies, Tyler Distribution, Continental Logistics, and 21st Century Distribution, provide end-to-end delivery of the product.

Partner With the Right Company and Conquer Drayage Challenges

The future belongs to those who excel in drayage service management! Drayage transportation is a complex business with more action than the latest action movie. The shipment movement is always dynamic and susceptible to unpredictable circumstances and challenges. Some challenges like weather, road construction, and even congestion due to traffic can be predicted, especially with today's solutions in the supply chain industry.  

Drayage will be handled most professionally by partnering with an award-winning 3PL provider specializing in container drayage service, such as Port Jersey Logistics, with its sister companies. With a partner such as Port Jersey Logistics, shippers, manufacturers, and producers can focus on their core business while leaving the arduous task of finding container drayage services to the experts with over six decades of experience. Take a test drive with Port Jersey today.

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