What Are the Top Food and Beverage Distributor Certifications for Transportation?

August 5, 2022

What Are the Top Food and Beverage Distributor Certifications for Transportation?


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Many markets have not been able to rebound since the onset of COVID. However, the food and beverage industry is proving the exact opposite. It continues to grow exponentially as food and beverages are necessary for survival. The need and demand for food and beverage transportation and beverage and food warehouses will not go away soon. As a result, more shippers need service providers with the correct shipping certification to transport their perishable goods.

According to 2022 research, "The global food and beverage services market is expected to grow from $3,232.94 billion in 2021 to $3,678.61 billion in 2022 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.8%. The growth is mainly due to the companies rearranging their operations and recovering from the COVID-19 impact, which had earlier led to restrictive containment measures involving social distancing, remote working, and the closure of commercial activities that resulted in operational challenges. The market is expected to reach $5,235.52 billion in 2026 at a CAGR of 9.2%."

The food and beverage industry is constantly growing and changing. Food and drinks distributors must keep up with the changes and provide an overall seamless experience for establishments and all parties involved. Staying up-to-date and current on all necessary shipping certifications and logistics is key to maintaining the brands integrity. Another successful way to provide clients with a sense of comfort and confidence in the ability of specialty shippers and their logistics is having certified drivers and companies. Below are the top wholesale food and beverage suppliers certifications for transportation.

Cold Carrier Certification

The Cold Carrier Certification honors a company's safe and sanitary delivery of transported goods. When using these best tactics to ensure compliance,  food and beverage wholesalers receive top-of-line care and services. This approach also upholds the brands integrity, and customers feel more confident choosing who to use as food and drink distributors.  

Consumer Delivery Permit

This shipping certification allows retailers to make their deliveries and enable third parties to perform deliveries for the certified retailers. The Consumer Delivery Permit allows third-party delivery companies to pick up alcoholic beverages and deliver them to customers at their doorstep. Maintaining this shipping certification protects the third party from liability associated with the process. 

CLTD Permits

Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution (CLTD) is a shipping certification that simplifies the processes of transportation, logistics, and distribution. The CLTD credential equips logistics managers and food and drink distributors with the knowledge and skills to manage supply chain transportation and logistics issues.

Retail Dealers On-Premise License

This shipping certification allows the food and beverage industry establishments to sell beer on-premise and enables third parties with the Consumer Delivery permit to deliver beer from the establishment. Beverages can be served as long as they are sealed upon delivery. 

Retail Dealers Off-Premise License

Similar to the On-Premise License, this shipping certification enables establishments to sell beer on-premise, and third parties that hold a Consumer Delivery permit can distribute it. However, these beverages must remain unopened during the entire process. 

Master Food and Beverage Transportation and Improve Logistical Management With Help From Port Jersey Logistics

With the ever-growing and changing food and beverage distribution, it is vital for the transportation logistics industry to stay current with product trends and demands. The best way to do this is to maintain all certifications to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence in the brands credibility. A clients confidence is a priceless asset for a shipping and transportation team. Master food and beverage distribution and transportation and improve logistical management and contact Port Jersey Logistics today!

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