Timely Port Status Updates: A Solution for Congestion

March 24, 2014

Timely Port Status Updates: A Solution for Congestion


Port Jersey Logistics

Cargo backlogs and trucker congestion problems at the Port of New York and New Jersey have been ongoing for several months. The issues are abundantly clear - a systemic shortage of chassis, a lack of drivers, insufficient equipment and technology, poor productivity at the Ocean terminals due to a severe labor shortage, and meager terminal planning, procedures and systems to name a few. An especially harsh winter with numerous snowstorms only exacerbated these pre-existing challenges, resulting in frequent terminal closings and slowed operations. To keep customers abreast of these issues and any others that may impact their cargo deliveries, Continental Logistics (a division of Port Jersey Logistics) tracks port performance daily through numerous industry sources to provide timely, detailed Port Status Updates via email. These updates keep customers well-informed when access roads are shut down, when terminals or yards are closed, when inclement weather is causing severe problems, and so on. Continental Logistics also shares relevant industry articles and task force progress reports to ensure our customers receive the latest available information.Considering the major impact that terminal disruptions are having on retailers' supply chains across the nation, news has spread quickly about the new Port Performance Task Force (PPTF), as well as the formation of five Working Groups (Terminal Optimization, Drayage Operations, Intermodal Equipment, Express Rail and Government/Community Outreach) commissioned to examine long-term recommendations for improving operational efficiency and service reliability. Though the official recommendations are not due out until June, Port Jersey Logistics is proactively working with the New Jersey Motor Truck Association (NJMTA), the Association of Bi-State Carriers (ABC) and several others to provide suggestions that will help ease havoc-wreaking backlogs. PJL is also encouraging customers to write letters to the PPTF expressing their concerns and providing ideas to help alleviate these persistent problems. Port Jersey frequently communicates with Port Authority staff, Work Group leaders, association members and competitors to share insight and expertise. PJL understands that expeditious shipments are crucial to a successful supply chain, especially at this particularly difficult time in the logistics industry.

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