Temperature Control for Perishable Goods: The Advantages of Reefer Trucking

January 3, 2024

Temperature Control for Perishable Goods: The Advantages of Reefer Trucking


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Our global supply chain depends on being able to move perishable goods, including medicines, produce, and frozen foods. To safely move those items hundreds or thousands of miles, we need refrigerated trucks, also called reefers.

Reefer trucking uses temperature controls to maintain optimal conditions inside the container for perishable items. The perishable reefer trucking industry is growing, reaching a value of $4 billion in 2022, and is projected to be a $5.63 billion industry by 2028.

Temperature-controlled shipping is in demand for a variety of goods, including frozen food items like fish or pre-made meals, medicines such as the coronavirus-19 vaccine, produce, and more.

The Necessity of Temperature Control for Perishable Goods

Refrigerated trucking and temperature control are vital for several types of goods. Here are some of the main ways reefer trucking is essential.

Produce is perishable; without reefers, the long chain from field to fork would render most produce overripe and inedible. Lower temperatures keep fruit from ripening and minimize bruising as well by keeping the flesh firm.

Shippers must keep many medicines at specific temperatures to maintain efficacy. Refrigerated trucks help maintain the correct temperatures to keep medicines viable.

Refrigerated reefers help minimize waste for all perishable items by maintaining optimal temperatures. When items remain within the correct range, there is little to no waste, depending on the product.

Finally, temperature control is vital for meeting compliance standards. Many regulations, including the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA), provide temperature control standards for different products. To meet these regulations, logistics companies and, ultimately, the retailer need to provide proof that items remained at the appropriate temperature throughout the entire supply chain journey.

Advantages of Reefer Trucking

Reefer trucking has many advantages that can improve logistics, reduce costs, and benefit shippers.

Reliable Temperature Management

Reefer trucks provide precise and consistent temperature control, which is vital for perishable goods. Technologically-driven companies are also increasingly using real-time tracking devices to get in-the-moment location tracking on their trucks. Shippers can also use technology to monitor temperatures and ensure they stay within the optimal range.

Versatility in Goods Transportation

Reefer trucks can handle a variety of temperature-sensitive products, from produce to pharmaceuticals. No matter what item is being shipped, reefer trucks can ensure it maintains the ideal temperature and is kept from spoilage.

Enhanced Product Safety

For perishable goods, reefer trucking ensures the safety and integrity of goods during transit. Have peace of mind that goods will be kept from spoilage and transported safely. Furthermore, a great logistics partner will have documentation that the proper temperature was maintained throughout the journey and can share this information with shippers.

Compliance with Regulations

Perishable reefer trucking can help shippers meet stringent regulatory standards for transporting perishable items. Comply with FSMA laws as well as state and federal regulations about transporting perishable items. Logistics partners will be able to demonstrate compliance with all the relevant regulations.


While reefer trucking costs may be higher than non-refrigerated shipping, getting the proper refrigerated trucking will save shippers money in the long term. If goods spoil or fail to meet safe transportation regulations, shippers could lose a significant portion or even their entire shipment. A rejected load equates to lost revenue, a replacement load's added costs, and freight claims expenses. It’s much more cost-effective to pay slightly more for the right shipping at the start than for losing goods later down the line.

Looking For a Reefer Shipping Partner? Continental Logistics Has You Covered

Perishable reefer trucking is an essential part of our logistics supply chain. For produce, frozen items, and some pharmaceuticals, shipping with refrigerated trucks will help prevent spoilage and maintain cold chain regulations.

Continental Logistics has over 50 years of experience in logistics with a strong focus on refrigerated trucking. They can provide optimized reefer trucks that meet government regulations and protect your products. Get started now. Contact Continental Logistics today.

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