Reap the Benefits of Working with a Savannah-Based Drayage Company

July 20, 2023

Reap the Benefits of Working with a Savannah-Based Drayage Company


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In essence, drayage is the linchpin of intermodal shipping, ensuring the seamless cargo transition from one mode of transport to another. When a cargo ship arrives at a port, the drayage service moves the containers to the next transport mode, whether trucks for overland delivery or trains for long-distance hauls.

Teaming with experienced drayage companies in Savannah, Ga., like Port Jersey Logistics, adds significant value. With over six decades of experience, we offer a wide range of integrated logistics services, including reliable Savannah drayage services.

Boom-Town Savannah Continues to Grow

As the fastest-growing port in the United States, the Port of Savannah has been making significant strides in its growth trajectory. In 2022 Georgia Ports were the third busiest, following Los Angeles/Long Beach and New York/New Jersey, a testament to its strategic importance in the global supply chain.

The Port of Savannah has seen exceptional growth in its container volume, demonstrating its increasing importance in the global trade landscape. 

  1. Expansion in CY22: In 2022, Savannah's total container trade expanded by 5.0% from 2021, hitting an impressive 5.89 million Twenty-Foot Equivalent Units (TEUs).
  2. Increase in Exports and Imports: This significant expansion was propelled by a remarkable increase in exports (up by 37%) and imports (up by 34%).
  3. Growth: From 2018 through 2022, the Port of Savannah witnessed a substantial growth of 35%, demonstrating its adaptability and resilience amidst changing market conditions.
  4. Robust CAGR: During this period, the port achieved a robust compound annual growth rate of 7.9%.
  5. Impact in FY23: In the Fiscal Year 2023 through December, the Port of Savannah moved 11.4 percent of the nation's loaded international containers.
  6. Increased Market Share: The Port of Savannah continues to expand its share of the U.S. container trade, outpacing many competitors and securing a more significant portion of the country's container trade year after year.
  7. Economic Impact: According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, the greater Savannah area is projected to grow by 34% by 2045. The port's expansion and the subsequent increase in logistics and trade activities are responsible for much of this growth.
  8. Continued Investments: The Georgia Ports Authority announced $1.8 billion in planned investments in the ports in 2023, including upgrades to infrastructure and equipment. These investments expect to generate numerous jobs and stimulate economic activity in the region.

The Port of Savannah's growth is not just a boon for shippers and logistics companies; it also provides substantial economic benefits to the region. These figures underscore the Port of Savannah's remarkable performance and critical role in facilitating international trade. Its consistently high container volumes highlight the port's robust capacity and efficiency in global cargo operations.

For Savannah Shippers, Reliable Drayage Ensures Maximum Performance

When dealing with drayage services in Savannah, partnering with a reliable and experienced company is essential. These companies can offer shippers a range of benefits. 

  1. Avoiding Costly Delays: Reliable drayage companies leverage their extensive local knowledge and networks to circumvent common issues like traffic congestion and dockside delays. This efficiency helps shippers avoid expensive hold-ups.
  2. Handling Diverse Cargo Types: Experienced drayage providers are proficient in managing various types of cargo, whether hazardous materials, perishables, or oversized loads. Their understanding of the unique requirements for each cargo type ensures safe and efficient transportation.
  3. Providing Peace of Mind: Partnering with a reputable drayage company offers shippers peace of mind. Knowing their cargo is in capable hands allows them to concentrate on other critical aspects of their business.

Now, let's delve into the significance of location and its impact.

Location, Location, Location

The Port of Savannah's strategic location is its most significant advantage, offering numerous benefits to stakeholders, from drayage companies to retailers and shippers. Working with a drayage provider conveniently located close to ports, railheads, and airports can make all the difference in ensuring cargo is delivered on time and within budget. Such proximity allows them to respond to customer needs and serve as an extension of their operations. 

  1. Highway Access: The port's immediate access to two major interstate highways – I-95 (North/South) and I-16 (East/West) - makes it a logistical hub for the swift and efficient transportation of containers and goods. This connectivity minimizes delays, reduces turnaround times, and keeps supply chains running smoothly.
  2. Retail Import Distribution Centers: Savannah boasts the highest density of retail import distribution centers along the entire East Coast, making it a prominent hub for commerce and trade. 
  3. Customer Service Excellence: The port's dedicated Customer Service Center offers one-stop solutions for all port users, providing unparalleled support and contributing to a seamless operational experience.
  4. Global Connections: The Port of Savannah boasts the most direct global port-to-port connections of any U.S. port, barring New York-New Jersey. This extensive network facilitates efficient cargo handling from diverse global markets, further solidifying Savannah's role as a key player in international trade.
  5. Direct Routes: Strategically placed Drayage companies can provide direct routes between ports and warehouses. This helps minimize the risk of theft or damage and reduces transit time and fuel costs.

Location can be especially beneficial for those who ship internationally and require an intermodal approach, as the drayage provider can ensure a smooth transition between modes of transportation. In this way, close proximity to ports and other transportation hubs can make a huge difference in the success of any delivery.

As Georgia Ports Authority Executive Director Griff Lynch points out, "Overseas, production is shifting to locations such as India and Vietnam that favor delivery via Savannah." The Port of Savannah's strategic location, with its excellent infrastructure and customer-centric approach, ensures it remains a critical gateway for U.S. commerce and a vital link in the global supply chain.

For Today’s Shippers, Speed is Key

Online shoppers anticipate free shipping within two to three days. Delays lead to customer discontent, potential loss of sales, and a tarnished reputation for retailers. Shippers need their goods to move swiftly and efficiently to meet customer demands. Savannah drayage companies understand the importance of speed and are well-positioned to help meet your customer’s needs. 

Proximity to the Port of Savannah provides a significant edge to drayage companies operating there. This closeness allows for quick and efficient transportation of containers and goods, optimizing their supply chain performance. Port Jersey Logistics offers overnight service to a five-state region, enabling shippers to meet tight delivery schedules and satisfy customer expectations.

Local Know-How Means Effective Operations

Just as local knowledge leads you to the finest dining establishments, it also proves invaluable in identifying top-notch Drayage and 3PL services. A 3PL with local expertise at the Port of Savannah will understand the port's operations, the surrounding transportation network, and the regulatory landscape, much like they would know the best restaurants in town. This knowledge can provide invaluable insights into optimizing logistics operations, reducing costs, and improving service delivery.

  1. Access to Drayage at the Port: A local 3PL service provider ensures reliable access to Drayage services. This access can help avoid port fees and ensure on-time, efficient delivery of goods.
  2. Reliable Warehousing: Warehousing space availability is especially important for shippers of perishable goods that require storage before transportation.
  3. Value-Added Services: Many local 3PLs offer value-added services such as kitting, creating club store pallets, personalizing items, special add-on labeling, returns management, reworking, and disposal/product destruction. These services can enhance operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Operating in a specific region requires a thorough understanding of its challenges & opportunities. Savannah-based drayage companies have invaluable local knowledge, expertise & experience in navigating logistics effectively. They understand regulations, customs procedures & traffic patterns to ensure seamless cargo transport.

Flexibility is Key

In the swiftly changing landscape of supply chain dynamics, the ability to scale up or down becomes crucial. Partnering with a 3PL provider specializing in drayage services provides this needed flexibility. Whether your volume increases or decreases, a reliable 3PL partner can readily adapt to your needs, offering value-added services to facilitate growth. This flexibility optimizes logistics operations and ensures competitiveness in an ever-evolving market. With a dependable 3PL partner handling your drayage services, you can focus on your core business without worrying about fluctuating volumes.

Port Jersey Logistics: Your Savannah-Based Drayage Partner

According to Executive Vice President of CBRE Bill Sparks, “Savannah is one of the most efficient and reliable gateways in the country—a market of choice for import and export logistics operations. The port’s unprecedented container volume growth has fueled the region’s expanding warehouse market, which has doubled over the last five years.” With its strategic location and excellent infrastructure, Savannah has become an ideal spot for companies to streamline their supply chain operations and grow their business. 

When choosing a drayage partner in Savannah, Port Jersey Logistics stands out as a trusted and reliable option. With our extensive Savannah know-how and deep roots in the industry, Port Jersey Logistics offers a wide range of advantages for shippers. Contact us today to take advantage of flexible and tailored drayage services that can adapt to your business's growing needs. 

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