Port Jersey Logistics Turns 65 - What Have We Learned From Our History in Third-Party Logistics?

March 12, 2019

Port Jersey Logistics Turns 65 - What Have We Learned From Our History in Third-Party Logistics?


Port Jersey Logistics

Cranbury, NJ, 3/12/2019 - Third-party logistics provider Port Jersey is excited to celebrate another major milestone: our 65th anniversary. The story of Port Jersey Logistics dates back to 1954, the year Bob Russo purchased his first truck in Jersey City, NJ and operated as a pickup and delivery carrier serving the grocery industry in the greater NY and NJ market. The late 1960's ushered Port Jersey Logistics into the Public Warehousing business, when Bob partnered with Tony Becker, a friend he met while working side-by-side in a New Jersey National Guard truck depot.

Their hard work and perseverance quickly earned a reputation for reliability and professionalism, and built the company that would become Port Jersey Logistics. Today, 65 years later, the organization founded on this reputation remains committed to constantly growing and adapting with the times and exceeding the evolving needs of customers.

"Port Jersey Logistics predates me, so the company has been part of my entire life. Much has stayed the same and so much has evolved. One thing that remains consistent is that our continued evolution and innovation comes largely through our customers, the industries they serve, and our industry.  Staying close to these is and will always be important to us. They don't remain stagnant, and neither do we.  I'm thrilled to be celebrating 65 years, and look forward to where we are going next."  -  Rob Russo, President & CEO of Port Jersey Logistics


We looked back into our history to pinpoint what exactly has enabled us to last 65 years and we've determined that our longevity as a third-party logistics provider can be boiled down into two core concepts:

1. Partnerships Are Essential

"As reflected by our mission statement: "We exist to empower the success of our People, our Customers and our Network," one thing that remains consistent is that our continued evolution and innovation comes largely through our customers, the industries they serve, and our industry."  -  Rob Russo, President & CEO of Port Jersey Logistics  

"Partnershipped" is our motto, and we've stuck with it for 65 years. Throughout our history, we've always focused on forming and maintaining partnerships with:

Our Customers - Learning about each of our customers' businesses has allowed us to tailor our services to meet their needs and provide the resources required to support the logistics of a growing business.

Our Customers' Customers - Staying knowledgeable of the routing guidelines of retailers and distributors has enabled us to form relationships with big names in retail. These relationships have helped us form consolidation programs with major retailers and distributors such as Wakefern, UNFI and KeHE. See: Names We Know

Logistics Partners - Whether it's transportation carriers with national coverage or warehousing providers in key locations throughout the country, our logistics partners ensure that we can service our customers well beyond our reach.

Supply Chain Associations - Partnering with world-class supply chain associations has allowed us to stay informed on best-practices for warehousing, transportation and logistics. We pass this information along to our customers to ensure that they are up-to-date on crucial supply chain information. See: Affiliates

2. Adaptation Is Necessary

"The most significant changes that I have experienced during my career are related to people and technology. Leading and managing a team in today's environment is a bit different in some aspects from when my father and his long-time partner Tony Becker first started. This is probably true for each generation, and must always be recognized and remain dynamic."  - Rob Russo, President & CEO of Port Jersey Logistics  

Evolving Services - Consumer demand is always changing and we've adapted our services to meet the needs of the industry. Whether it's through our valued-added services, our temperature controlled storage, or our expanded carrier network, our customers can rest assured that we have the capabilities to service their ever-changing supply chains.

Attitude Adjustment - The phrase "that's the way it has always been done" is not in our vocabulary. The logistics industry is fast paced and things can change on a dime, and we are always willing to adapt to continue providing quality service.

Technology & Data Analytics - Remember when inventory was managed through index cards? That's not the case today with the logistics business systems that have evolved over the years.  In today's logistics world, TMS (Transportation Management Systems) and WMS (Warehouse Management Systems) drive business operations and allow for tons of data to be extracted from the systems to help companies better plan or improve their business operations.

"Technology is another area that always provides great opportunity with tools & data to improve decision making, solutions development, and to drive continuous improvement and efficiencies throughout our organization."  - Rob Russo, President & CEO of Port Jersey Logistics  

With how non-stop an average day in the logistics industry is, it's no  surprise that that we've picked up a few things over our 65 year history.  Are you struggling with your current logistics provider or your distribution network in general? Are you looking to partner with an experienced warehousing and transportation provider that has a proven history of working with the industry's major retailers and distributors? Contact Port Jersey Logistics today to discuss how we can partner with you.

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