Port Jersey Logistics’ New Facility in Cranbury, NJ to Become Corporate Headquarters

September 3, 2014

Port Jersey Logistics’ New Facility in Cranbury, NJ to Become Corporate Headquarters


Port Jersey Logistics

Port Jersey Logistics (PJL), a full-service third-party logistics provider of warehousing, transportation and value-added solutions, recently announced the expansion of its New Jersey operations. To meet the needs of its growing client base, Port Jersey has consolidated three of its existing facilities and acquired additional space.The new facility will encompass nearly 450,000 square feet of food grade warehousing space - allowing for up to 46,000 pallets to be stored in this location. Effective December 1st, 2014, this facility will become the new corporate headquarters for Port Jersey Logistics and be supported by backup generators capable of powering the entire operation.With temperature-controlled storage in demand, the facility will more than double the current footprint while maintaining a controlled environment at 55-65 degrees Fahrenheit and 50% humidity. This high-volume, multi-shift operation with 80 truck doors, and 100 secured trailer parking locations, will provide many benefits to shippers, including appointment flexibility and improved driver turnaround times. The company's distributors, retailers and carriers also will benefit from this larger location.Port Jersey Logistics' Business Development Manager, Erik Holck says, “With lead times shrinking and order volumes increasing due to just-in-time purchasing, this facility allows us to meet the demands of our customers and stay ahead of industry trends."As our customer requirements continue to evolve, so must our ability to provide the required solutions," says Rob Russo, President & CEO of Port Jersey Logistics. “This new Cranbury, NJ location allows us to strengthen our position in the central New Jersey marketplace, and build upon our success as a regional provider of third-party warehousing and logistics services.

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