Port Jersey Logistics Featured In A Second Middlesex County Marketing Campaign

October 18, 2019

Port Jersey Logistics Featured In A Second Middlesex County Marketing Campaign


Port Jersey Logistics

As a mainstay in the "Exit 8"Central New Jersey warehousing and transportation market,  Port Jersey Logistics has called Middlesex County, NJ home since 1984. So it's no surprise that the county has featured us in marketing campaigns to promote the county. After being featured in our first marketing campaign in 2018, Port Jersey was selected to be featured in a second campaign, titled "Middlesex County - Where Opportunity Becomes Reality." The campaign focuses on the diverse education, workforce and career opportunities available throughout the county.

"Middlesex County offers businesses and entrepreneurs comprehensive workforce development services, a huge range of unique programs that give employers access to a  skilled, specialized, and well-rounded workforce. Ready-to-work staffing is available to companies that headquarter in Middlesex County, where the campus-to-career pipeline begins in world-class technical schools and carries on through training at local colleges. There, up-and-coming specialists, technicians, and engineers jump straight from their  undergraduate work to full-time positions at cutting-edge companies like Port Jersey Logistics, Sansone, and CMC Steel."

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View the previous marketing campaign here: https://portjersey.com/news-and-events/port-jersey-logistics-middlesex-county-nj-commercial/

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