PJL Hosts TCNJ Students

April 30, 2014

PJL Hosts TCNJ Students


Port Jersey Logistics

To supplement their classroom instruction, Operations Management students at The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) were asked to visit a New Jersey-based manufacturing or distribution firm that would allow them to observe their operation and provide a valuable, real-world learning experience. Earlier this month, a group of five TCNJ students chose to visit Port Jersey Logistics.After a full-day interactive tour and an in-depth on-site interview with one of PJL’s senior-level operations managers, students were exposed to and gained knowledge of a variety of complex logistics topics, including productivity improvement, quality assurance, production planning/capacity management, technology and information systems, planning/scheduling and inventory management.Port Jersey was proud to partner with TCNJ on this enrichment program and welcomes the opportunity to help future logistics professionals learn as much as possible about managing a successful operation.Â

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