New Year, New Mission, New Website

February 15, 2018

New Year, New Mission, New Website


Port Jersey Logistics

Over the past few years, Port Jersey Logistics has been on a mission to provide further clarity on the identities of our operating companies and build up their web presences. In 2016, we launched a new website for our transportation operation, Continental Logistics, Inc. In 2017, we did the same for our warehousing operation, Tyler Distribution Centers, Inc. We've now taken the steps to refresh Port Jersey to reflect the updates made to Continental and Tyler. Alongside our rebranding efforts comes a renewed focus on strategic planning and our mission. While it may sound simple, we've reflected on why we're in business and what we're hoping to accomplish, which can be summed up by this single thought: "Port Jersey Logistics exists to Empower the success of our People, our Customers and our Network" The redesigned Port Jersey Logistics website puts our mission at the forefront to help symbolize its importance in every decision we make. In addition to this, the new website will provide improved navigation and strengthen the link between Port Jersey Logistics and our operating companies. With our roots established over 60 years ago, it's important for us to remember our history alongside our current direction and we feel that we've accomplished this with our website redesign. We are excited to finally tie together our rebranding efforts from the past few years and we hope that you're excited as well. To our clients: The main web address will remain the same: The web portals for the Warehouse Management System and Transportation Management System will be accessible through the Client Login button at the top right corner of the website or (the web portals are also still accessible through the Continental and Tyler websites separately). You'll still have the same easy access to all the important order, inventory and transportation information that you need. Additionally, the websites for Continental and Tyler can now be accessed directly through the Port Jersey Logistics homepage. To all others: Hopefully, our new website peaks your interest and encourages you to contact us to discuss developing a tailored logistics solution for your business. We'll be looking forward to hearing from you.

Port Jersey Logistics

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