Port Jersey Logistics Launches Net Promoter Score Survey

May 9, 2018

Port Jersey Logistics Launches Net Promoter Score Survey


Port Jersey Logistics

"How likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?" This may sound like a simple question, but it's the single most important question that a company can ask its clients to gauge their satisfaction. So that's exactly what we did. This question was asked as part of our first Net Promoter Score survey which was extended to all of our clients in February. Why did we decide to send out this survey? Because at the beginning of 2018, we adopted a new corporate mission statement: "Port Jersey Logistics exists to empower the success of our people, our customers and our network," and we have every intention to live up to it.The results that we've received from this survey will be used to shape the future direction of our organization and increase the value we provide to our clients as a 3rd Party Logistics organization. Multiple levels of contacts throughout our client base were asked to rate their level of agreement with a number of statements to assess the performance of Port Jersey (and our operating companies, Continental Logistics, Inc. and Tyler Distribution Centers Inc.) including relationships with primary contact, communications, operations and value of services. What we discovered

  • The work that our Customer Service team does is greatly appreciated: "They give great service, are highly responsive and are willing to look into solutions for unique situations."
  • Our clients feel cared for and believe that we're looking out for their best interest by creating a simple process which is easy to work with : "They are efficient, understand our business and we appreciate the variety of services, strong support and responsiveness."
  • Our clients' biggest concerns are Cost per Unit and On-time Delivery, followed by Invoicing Accuracy, Inventory Accuracy and Shipping Accuracy.
  • Our internal and external communication could use improvement to make sure we're providing thorough responses which provide closure to open issues.
  • We could do better job educating clients and working with them to develop cost savings solutions.

What we're doing to improve

  • We're moving to the emerging industry trend of simplifying ordering processes.
  • We're increasing our focus on integrating our warehousing and transportation services to ensure a simple seamless order flow process.
  • We're continuing to build-up our carrier network with reliable carriers rather than low-budget ones. Everyone is looking for less expensive transportation rates, but the market has changed and we don't expect rates to go down.
  • We're doubling-down on our efforts to create additional Customer Service support, internal training initiatives and ensuring complete coverage when primary contacts are out. We're achieving this through improved cross-training and account service coverage programs, including the development of account-specific Standard Operating Procedures.
  • We're building a team of internal thought-leaders that will embed a continuous improvement culture and lead the organization through a comprehensive re-engineering that aligns all facets of the organization to our strategic direction and what our customers need.

Port Jersey Logistics has always focused on developing tailored logistics solutions through creating collaborative partnerships with our customers to ensure their expectations are exceeded so they can focus on their core business. We believe that annual Client Satisfaction surveys are the next step in the evolution of our partnership philosophy. Our clients are the driving force behind our continuous improvement plan and our greatest resource to forward our advancement as a best in class 3rd Party Logistics provider.

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