LEAN Methodology - Steven Howarth

February 10, 2022

LEAN Methodology - Steven Howarth


Port Jersey Logistics

What is LEAN Methodology?

LEAN methodology focuses on driving performance and response to meet customer expectations while reducing costs. Business leaders have used lean methods since the beginning of the industrial revolution. An example dating back to 1913 is Henry Ford's genesis of the automobile industry. While the core concept hasn't changed, understanding which method or combination of methods to use has. To help facilitate the functions of lean methodology, our very own Steven Howarth is stepping into a Lean Ambassador role for Port Jersey!

Though Steven is stepping into a new role, he isn't new to Port Jersey. Steven has been with us for over 5 years and knows the ins & outs of everything warehousing, transportation and value added services.  He is now transitioning from his Operations Manager position at Tyler Distribution to his LEAN Ambassador role. Having already embarked on his LEAN / Six Sigma training, he'll be hitting the ground running beginning his first projects by the end of Q1!

Ok, so what is a LEAN Ambassador?

LEAN's ambassadorship training program helps individuals develop critical skills required for participating in successful LEAN projects. A LEAN ambassador has the ability to identify waste, reduce it, and aggressively go for the elimination of non-value-added activities and improve response to that business customer base, whether internal or external.

Lean programs are designed to yield benefits quickly. By supporting the optimum methodology matched to a company's business objectives, a sustainable process for ongoing improvement is created. Their quantitative methods bring to light further areas of opportunity where Lean projects can be taken advantage of.

Want to learn more about LEAN? Watch this short video below!


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