PJL actions regarding COVID-19  Update 3/20/2020

March 20, 2020

PJL actions regarding COVID-19 Update 3/20/2020


Port Jersey Logistics

March 20, 2020

We know that everyone is dealing with this rapidly changing world, and we wish the best of health to you and your families.

Our industry associations are working closely with State and Federal agencies to ensure we maintain normal work patterns during the corona virus outbreak. The work we do is needed to continue to provide a safe and reliable food supply. We as warehouse-based third-party logistics providers are considered to be Essential Critical Infrastructure. When other businesses are mandated to close or people are asked to stay home, we are in a position to continue to do our work and keep food and supplies moving.

Your product continues to come into our facilities from both foreign and domestic sources, and outbound order volume continues as usual. Transportation providers are no doubt challenged, and we ask for your help in communicating with them to minimize missed appointments and help keep our loading docks efficient - free from congestion.

We will keep you updated as things change. Expect a follow up on Monday afternoon.

Thank you,

Rob Russo
President & CEO
Port Jersey Logistics

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