PJL actions regarding COVID-19 - Update 3/17/2020

March 17, 2020

PJL actions regarding COVID-19 - Update 3/17/2020


Port Jersey Logistics

March 17, 2020

The health and safety of our team remains our primary concern and we are thankful for their cooperation and commitment as we navigate this new territory.

As a critical part of the supply chain, the work we do is an important part in keeping store shelves stocked with essential food and supplies. We strive to continue to deliver this service to the best of our ability and for as long as possible.

Since my last communication we have taken additional steps to help reduce exposure, keep people working and service customer needs:

  • Outside vendors are not permitted in any facility (excluding emergencies)
  • Truck drivers delivering to and picking up from our facilities will not be in the facility
  • Breaks and lunch have been split to reduce the number of people congregating in any one place
  • Travel between facilities has been stopped, and we and have dispersed the support and executive teams to help ensure long-term, ongoing support and direction.
  • Supply inventory is being audited, and we will ensure each facility is equipped with supplies needed for continued cleaning and operational functionality
  • We have successfully tested work from home connections for those that can perform their functions remotely. Implementations to follow.
  • Decontamination services have been contacted and will be utilized when required
  • Our primary Temporary Staffing company is ready to provide labor when/if needed, and reports good availability for warehouse positions

Port Jersey's Coronavirus response team meets daily via conference call and we will continue to communicate as things progress.

Thank you,

Rob Russo
President & CEO
Port Jersey Logistics

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