We Surveyed Our Clients - Here's What They Told Us About the Logistics Industry

January 10, 2020

We Surveyed Our Clients - Here's What They Told Us About the Logistics Industry


Port Jersey Logistics

The state of the logistics industry always seems to be in flux. Whether it's tariffs, regulations or technology, something is always around the corner to either improve or disrupt the flow of goods in the United States. That's part of the reason why we at Port Jersey Logistics survey our clients every year, not only to gauge our performance but also to find out what our clients need and expect from us. In a year filled with natural disasters and global trade fears, we've also found it important to ask our clients what allows them to continue to successfully navigate the ever-changing logistics industry and here's their feedback:

Relationships- Even with all the talk of self-driving trucks and automated warehouses, logistics is and always will be a people business. We make it a point to share industry insight with our partners to stay ahead of the ever changing Logistics Industry. The most frequently cited positive aspect of our business is the relationship that our clients have with their daily contacts at our warehousing and transportation operating companies. The level of trust and satisfaction our clients have is directly tied to the relationship they have with the person who handles their daily logistics requests. We've seen firsthand that the Customer Service Representatives and Logistics Coordinators at our warehousing and transportation operations become so ingrained in our clients businesses that they feel a personal sense of responsibility to ensure the success of our clients.

Collaboration- Delayed gratification is a thing of the past. Consumers expect to get what they want, when they want it. We can thank Amazon, Walmart and all of the other retailers that have set 2-day shipping as the standard. The ease of shipping quickly greatly depends on the complexity of the order and the transportation distance required. To meet the increasing shipment speed demands of consumers and retailers, collaboration is essential. Flexibility, forecasting and communication are all necessary to ensure that receipts and shipments flow smoothly. We're able to share first-hand knowledge of what we've seen as best practices to successfully navigate the changing requirements, taking our relationship from a service provider relationship to a true partnership.

Creative Solutions- Clients and retailers are both looking for help with creative solutions to logistics issues. With consumers spending more money, clients and retailers have directed their focus to making sure that products are available and attractive when customers are ready to buy. Products need to be easily accessible for consumers whether in store or online, so value-added services such as shipper builds and repacks that make products stand-out in stores, or e-commerce services that make purchasing and receiving products easy are essential for the success of both clients and retailers.  When customers bring us a challenge, we work with them to help design the best solution for the challenge their facing.

Port Jersey Logistics is always looking to improve our business and expand our service offerings to ensure that we continue being the preferred third-party logistics provider. Our clients feedback not only helps us service them better but also any future customers. If you're searching for a new third-party logistics partner who strives to develop solutions through collaboration or just want advice about the state of logistics industry, contact Port Jersey Logistics today.

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