How 3PLs Are Helping Shippers Meet their Supply Chain Goals

September 15, 2022

How 3PLs Are Helping Shippers Meet their Supply Chain Goals


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Rising fuel prices and high inflation are driving shippers to look for solutions to streamline their supply chains and reduce transportation costs. Third-party logistics providers (3PLs) are the ideal option for shippers looking to overcome these challenges because they offer services specifically tailored to the needs of each customer. This may include transportation, tracking and tracing, data analytics, and optimizing inventory management.

Some of the challenges shippers face with their supply chain can be mitigated by partnering with a reputed 3PL services provider. Modern logistics brokerages often provide shippers with digital platforms and technologies that help optimize supply chain networks. Drayage, which constitutes a significant portion of the delivery process, can be tackled by engaging a 3rd party logistics provider

Streamlines Process of Receiving Inventory

Over the past decade, the logistics industry has evolved with changing consumer preferences for online shopping and the expectations of on-time delivery. As a result, shippers have turned to technologies like a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that can integrate with other systems to manage incoming and outgoing inventory. WMS provides some functions to automate repetitive tasks like picking, packing, verifying orders and automatically routing trucks within your carrier network. The WMS can help manage higher inventory volumes during peak shipping season to help keep stores replenished. 

Improves Warehousing Operations 

Large warehouses and warehouse hubs are crucial to third-party logistics success, particularly when truckload capacity for inland distribution after drayage is not as readily available. Automation and robotics play a significant role in storing and taking stock of products. According to  UNEX, the Industry Benchmark Report of 2020 says that 27% of 3PLs find acquiring additional warehouse space is one of their biggest challenges. Regardless of whether the products are moving at a slow or frantic pace, shippers need a 3PL services provider with special warehouse operations. 

Improve Logistics for Picking and Filling Orders

3PLs play a vital role in helping shippers with their store fulfillment. Many modern brokerages offer a large carrier network that can provide dependable coverage when shippers need them most. 

Faster Packing of Items and Preparing For Shipping

Faster packing helps free valuable space in the warehouse by consolidating items into bins, pallets, or shelves, which helps make loading and unloading faster. Packaging depends on the expertise of the 3PL service provider, the brand of the supplier, and the items shipped. Packing items with durable material keeps the material safe, but it should be light enough to be picked. Robots and Automated services facilitate swift packing and labeling of the products. 

Designed Serviced to Deal With Returns

3PL services design their built-in systems with reverse logistics in mind. Reverse logistics are simply customer returns. When a customer returns order to the company, , carriers reprocess and restock the item or dispose of it depending on the suppliers preference. But expert 3rd party logistics providers take reverse logistics to new levels. It is a rising practice in after-market services like repairs or refurbishments. According to Netsuite customers, returns are valued at almost a trillion annually. 3PL freight services include  Shippers who deal with clothing, e-commerce, and home furnishing should look for a transportation service provider that includes reverse logistics within their service. 

Customizations for Special Order and Loads 

Packing and shipping vary according to the orders. Partnering with a  professional 3PL service provider gives shippers access to their custom solutions for special orders and loads. and provide technologies that help facilitate communication regarding ETA between the manufacturer and the customer. 

Improved Data Collection Analytics, and Insights

One cannot reiterate the importance of data analytics and collection in the supply chain industry. Data analytics, part of 3PLservices, uses real-time tracking from the production down to the SKU level. From production to the last mile delivery, 3rd party logistics companies continuously monitor the shipment, increasing visibility and providing valuable information to all the participants in the supply chain. Partnering with an expert 3PL service provider improves the supply chains productivity and efficiency and ensures better business relationships between all the supply chain tiers. 

Greater Insight Into Supply Chain Innovation 

The introduction of real-time tracking by a 3PL service provider creates visibility and transparency, Third-party logistics takes customer service to a new level due to real-time visibility with the help of cloud-based networks and automation. 

Improve Delivery Success Rates With Third-Party Logistics Services and Insights from Port Jersey Logistics 

The future of logistics is in the hands of 3PL service providers. Partnering with an industry leader such as Port Jersey Logistics increases delivery success rates. With their TMS systems, compliance knowledge, and integration with advanced EDI and data solutions, a 3PL service provider such as Port Jersey Logistics has established itself as a leader. Grow your retailer relationships and customer service by partnering with Port Jersey Logistics. With their industry knowledge and focus on optimizing supply chains, Port Jersey Logistics offers modern, comprehensible solutions for all your logistics needs. Take a test drive with us!

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