Do I Need an Amazon FBA Experienced Partner and Why as an FBA Importer?

October 6, 2022

Do I Need an Amazon FBA Experienced Partner and Why as an FBA Importer?


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COVID-19 may have knocked down several retailers, but Amazon has stood the test of the pandemic and grown by 220%, according to The New York Times. Amazon seemed the natural choice for consumers worldwide when the pandemic caused shutdowns. According to Boosted, Prime members spend $1400 compared to $ 600 by regular customers. Shippers looking for fast and affordable shipping ways are naturally seeking the Amazon FBA program to tap into some of Amazon's power and customer appeal. By affiliating with an Amazon-compliant partner, shippers can reap the benefits of Amazon's speedy and efficient delivery process. 

What Is Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)?

The Amazon FBA program eliminates the need for third-party shippers to rent or own a warehouse for their shipments while handling all logistics, customer service, and returns for a small fee.  Affordable and speedy shipping and handling are one of the most significant cost benefits of the Amazon FBA program. Unlike a standard shipper, shippers can take advantage of Amazon's space and run their business from anywhere. This can also work for shippers shipping heavy equipment or consolidated container shipments from China and other Asian countries.

Benefits of Using an FBA Partner For Shipping and Logistics 

Most of Amazon's products come from China. These products must get to the several warehouse's Amazon has around the country. Amazon employs FBA-compliant to move bulk container loads to their warehouses.

  • Lower Cost Shipping Services - FBA works to the advantage of shippers by charging a low one-time fee for this service, based on the size and weight of the shipment.
  • Access to Faster Shipping Modes - FBA products is eligible for free shipping. Additionally, Prime members can get their products in a day or two. Amazon provides an export program for those shipping internationally.
  • Fast and Reliable Packing and Packaging - Amazon FBA is advantageous for third-party sellers who get the same benefit of packaging and labeling by Amazon, just like Amazon's sellers. 
  • Large Warehouse and Storage Space - The Amazon FBA program feature allow the shipper to save space in their basements by using one of Amazon's warehouses to store their products. Amazon-compliant logistics providers transport products from the port of origin to Amazon's warehouses. 
  • Return and Refund Management - Amazon handles all of the shipping returns, including the return label. The fee is included in the FBA charges. Thus, shippers can focus on their core business and increase their cash flow.
  • Improve Cash Flow and Payments - Inventory management and the Amazon FBA program mitigate logistics challenges. Amazon uses vetted and Amazon-compliant logistics providers to deliver the shipment to their warehouses.  
  • Expand Customer Base and Reach - Using the Amazon FBA program- Shippers can reach more customers. Amazon has several other programs that help shippers get more customers. 
  • Establish Credibility and Customer Loyalty - Shippers can be guaranteed an efficient and economical method of product transport for their customers by partnering with Amazon. With the holiday season coming up, it is only prudent that shippers opt for the Amazon FBA program.

How to Find the Right FBA Partner

An Amazon FBA partnership can go a long way to ramp up an FBA sellers business. Shippers need to look for a partner who has mastered the nuances of profitability by using minimum resources. Although FBA takes care of shipping and handling products from Amazons warehouses to the customer, shippers need to partner with an industry expert who can quickly deliver their shipment to Amazon warehouses. To make an Amazon FBA partnership work consider the following:

  • Set Criteria and Guidelines for all Involved Parties - Proper research must be conducted, and expectations must be set before hiring an FBA partner.          
  • Keep Costs and ROI in Mind When Hiring a Partner - The various marketing options provided by an FBA need not be implemented in phases.
  • Establish Communication as Essential - A dedicated platform connecting all parties should be established. 
  • Ensure Technology and Innovation are at Forefront - Amazon FBA works best when the partner creates SEO optimization. 
  • Check Their Industry Reputation and Past Success/Failures - Past successes with other retailers and the partners experience are vital. It is crucial to know whether they have warehousing facilities before shipping off to Amazon fulfillment centers. 

Improve industry Reach and Impact With Expert Insight and Guidance from Port Jersey Logistics

The success of eCommerce depends on efficient and affordable product delivery. Amazon offers a platform for sellers to sell their products but partnering with an industry expert with decades of experience in the supply chain industry goes a long way in making an Amazon FBA work. An industry leader like Port Jersey Logistics provides customized solutions beyond warehousing and transportation. Their knowledge of compliance and technology benefits the entire supply chain. Contact Port Jersey Logistics today! 

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