Continental Logistics is now FSMA Certified by Iron Apple for Food Safety Training

August 29, 2017

Continental Logistics is now FSMA Certified by Iron Apple for Food Safety Training


Port Jersey Logistics

Continental Logistics ( is now certified by Iron Apple International for finishing the Training Requirements for FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act)! Continental Logistics is pleased to be one of the forerunners of the transportation industry by ensuring products are safe from "farm to fork". Matt Clark, Director of Logistics at Continental Logistics, is very dedicated to "our core values" of compliance and performance. "Food safety touches us all - especially our families. Continental Logistics is determined to embrace change, embrace technology, and embrace our vendors and carriers by carrying out safety training such as that provided by Iron Apple. As such, we support our carriers, but will also put those carriers on hold who do not comply with FSMA, which went into effect April of 2017." Iron Apple International, is the premier educator of training that meets and/or exceeds FSMA and the Sanitary Transport Rule training requirements. Continental Logistics employees have completed The Iron Apple Food Safety Training Program that consists of a 4 part e-learning solution. The online training materials and documentation adhere to FSMA and is suited for any person who is involved with the transportation of food throughout the United States and Canada (Carriers, Shippers and Brokers).Liam Thorpe, Account Manager for Iron Apple states that “Continental Logistics join other major food carriers in the USA that have been certified by Iron Apple - in terms of being prepared and compliant for The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act. Continental Logistics also is compliant in Canada (CFIA) after completing the training program." Iron Apple International is currently the only company that performs this specific online training, documentation, and policies and procedures to their clients. The training should be the first checkpoint in any company's journey to being FSMA compliant. The Continental Logistics differentiator is specifically centered on ensuring compliance in every aspect of their business to protect the seamless flow of the food product's supply chain, their client's reputations and ultimately their profit dollars. In strictly adhering to federal regulation such as this Food Safety Modernization Act, The Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and many others as well as specifically acting in accordance with the unique requirement of our client's customers, Continental Logistics assists in managing the total cost of doing business and keeping our customer's business relationships strong, growing and profitable. "This certification demonstrates our obsession with compliance, as well as our commitment to developing the expertise of our staff, to continue providing service excellence for our customers." stated Clark. "This is hands down how we differentiate ourselves".

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