Choosing A Fulfillment Center in Savannah, Ga

March 8, 2023

Choosing A Fulfillment Center in Savannah, Ga


Port Jersey Logistics

The Port of Savannah has become strategically crucial for shippers that benefit from bringing freight into the Southeastern United States. It is well known for its efficiency and consistent investment in the port's growth and capabilities.

About the port's growth, per the Coastal Courier:

Now that the effects of the pandemic have started to subside, we have seen retailers return to normal supply chains, "Watson said." We think, with your help and help of local communities, what we've built over the years is going to be that preferred gateway for freight. "Savannah is the third busiest container port in the U.S., trailing only Los Angeles-Long Beach and New York-New Jersey."

With the growth of ports, the demand for value-added services grows in tandem. As the logistics industry in Savannah continues its tremendous growth trajectory, shippers have to navigate many area fulfillment providers. The problem is knowing how to find the provider that matches their needs.

To provide stellar customer service and ensure their fulfillment remains efficient, shippers find that industry-leading 3PLs with a fulfillment center in Savannah GA get the job done.

The Importance of Fulfillment Through a 3PL

The ongoing growth of U.S. e-commerce shows no likelihood of slowing down. While many thought post-pandemic growth would slow or stall, new forecasts show it only accelerating. In 2022, U.S. e-commerce topped $1 trillion as Q4 sales grew a stunning 6.2% to $299.12 billion.

With the e-commerce boom, finding innovative omnichannel distribution solutions while avoiding additional overhead is an increasing shipper priority. Outsourcing to 3PLs for their value-added services allows shippers to realize optimized omnichannel operations to meet increased e-commerce demands without hefty increases in overhead.

Like all markets where a multitude of options exist, not all fulfillment providers are created equal. So what makes for a reliable fulfillment Savannah GA partner.

3 Strategies To Find the Right Fulfillment Service Provider for Your Business

No matter the product's value, if you can't get it to customers on time and provide outstanding customer service, that value is lost. Choosing the right fulfillment company makes all the difference in defining company value.

The right choice of a fulfillment partner elevates brands with an excellent customer experience, resulting in customer loyalty and repeat purchases.

Three strategies have to be part of the 3PL Savannah decision process.

Location, location, location

The boom in Savannah makes a fulfillment provider choice close to the port an essential consideration. The ease of access to nearby transportation hubs helps ensure the level of customer satisfaction that sets companies apart.

Product expertise

There is no one size fits all solution, and specialized products require 3PLs with the experience and offerings to handle the shipper's cargo type. Shipping products that need reefer and food logistics requires specific product knowledge, making it essential to find a 3PL with the capabilities and expertise to handle reefer dependent products.

Know the value of value-added services

Fulfillment is a vital component of today's fulfillment industry, but it's not the be-all-end-all. Moving beyond fulfillment, assuring that a 3PL has the capability for rework, specialized transportation, and on-demand capacity simplifies through a single source for shippers. They need build complex networks that use multiple vendors, preventing the potential for costly exceptions and frustrations that come with more complexity.

The Right 3PL Makes All the Difference

A world-class 3PL at the Port of Savannah ensures shippers meet growing customer service demands and remove the complexity and problems that come with multiple vendors.

In 2022, Ramella led the efforts to acquire TruckItNow Transportation, which broadened Continental Logistics "nationwide reach, and the planned opening of a new 281,000-square-foot food-grade warehouse in Savannah, Ga."

Source: Riding Recent Momentum, Port Jersey Logistics Promotes Jeff Ramella to President

Port Jersey Logistics meets shippers' fulfillment needs at their 3PL warehouse Savannah and grows with them as e-commerce continues its rapid growth, and the shipping world becomes more competitive. They extend omnichannel solutions beyond traditional retail with value-added services like:

  • Single source provider
  • Shopping carts and e-commerce software through API and EDI
  • Fulfilled by Amazon compliance
  • Kitting services: to support item banding, saving warehouse time.
  • Blister packaging: to protect valuable, perishable, or fragile items and reduce shipping costs.
  • Item personalization: adding initials or laser-etched inscriptions, saving supply-chain time.
  • Special add-on labeling: to support specific branding or label requirements for international shipping needs.
  • Returns management offers the ability to consider returned items state and follow through by the 3PL.
  • Reworking: for inspecting and repackaging to return merchandise to stock.
  • Disposal/product destruction: to dispose of items that cannot be reused/resold.
  • Automating rules for returns: so the 3PL knows what to do in certain situations, ensuring continuity and speedy resolution.
  • Postponement: to put multiple units together under a single SKU.
  • Postponement packaging: for single-product packaging after combining multiple units into a single SKU.
  • Retail preparation: when certain retail accounts have precise requirements, potentially requiring both kitting and relabeling.
  • Sorting and inspections

Port Jersey Logistics offers experienced world-class value-added services under one roof, resulting in an easy full-service fulfillment process. Shippers save money while providing outstanding customer service with a partner that grows with them throughout the tremendous growth of e-commerce.Contact Port Jersey Logistics today for a complete fulfillment solution at the Port of Savannah.

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